Important Updates

Hello Everyone!

I want to give you some important updates on the Citizen Science Foundation, the LMHR project, and possible impacts with the coronavirus pandemic.

Firstly, I was incredibly excited in February when we got confirmation the CSF would be moving from a private foundation to a public charity. We’re actively in contact with the IRS to make this change as the response and support from so many of you have taken us to the next level.

Second, while I wasn’t able to announce it publicly before, I can now confirm that we are indeed looking to convert the Lean Mass Hyper responder project to a formal study. Not only are we in the process of preparing for review with an IRB for approval, but we’re excited to be partnering with a very senior researcher and their team to execute this groundbreaking study.

While much of this news was confirmed near the end of February, I’ve held off discussing it until we could gain greater certainty on how the emerging pandemic of covid-19 might affect the timing of our study. As I’ve mentioned many times before, we were hoping to have this project launching in the summer, but of course, that timing is less certain right now.

Regardless, I can assure everyone that — outside of processing fees — every single penny collected from your generous contributions will remain entirely untouched. It’s earmarked strictly for this project. We have no administrative contractors or employees, and all business expenses for the foundation are paid solely by me. 

The anonymous donor who will be matching a $100,000 is still very much dedicated to doing so when we close the final gap of $24,000, which we will do. But for now, I will not be doing any active fundraising. While we are still accepting donations and will continue to do so, I certainly expect everyone will first look after their family and wellbeing in these challenging times.

In the mean time, rest assured nothing will stop us from making this study happen. There’s no question of if, just when.

Again, thank you all for your support. Stay safe.


Dave Feldman