FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

-> If interested in joining the current LMHR Study, note we are fully recruited and not taking any more participants.

-> If interested in joining the upcoming “Triad Study” (AKA “LMHR Study 2”), note we are still in the early stages of putting it together and ask that you keep an eye on our website for future announcements, or follow us on X/Twitter @realCSF.

-> If providing your individual lab results, such as LDL, HDL, triglycerides, etc with interest on getting individual comment or advice, please know we cannot offer any such analysis and would defer you to work with your doctor. Our present research will hopefully help provide relevant data on this in the future.

-> If you have an observation to share, such as an experiment you’ve performed or a particular supplement or medication that provided interesting data, you may want to reach out to Dave Feldman on social media as his office through the Citizen Science Foundation is more strictly applied to leadership for the formal research underway. And thus, we can’t really engage in such discussions through this channel.

-> If you would like to make a donation via check, please make the check out to Citizen Science Foundation and mail to: Citizen Science Foundation, 7320 S Rainbow Blvd, #102-182, Las Vegas, NV 89139