About Us

The Citizen Science Foundation (CSF) is a fully qualified 501(c)(3) Public Charity

We’re seeking to advance “Citizen Science” by empowering ideas from outside traditional avenues of academia and institutions to advance scientific achievements.

Research supported by the foundation is intended to have extremely high transparency to maximize its value to the general public and the scientific community. This is a central tenet of our creation. All data generated during research funded by the foundation will be collected under approved protocols, such as IRB (Institutional Review Board). These approvals will generally include anonymized data to be placed in publicly-available online data repositories. 

The foundation will exclusively fund or conduct research that benefits the general public as well as clinicians and academics in the fields of long-term health. No financial benefit to the foundation is expected from the research, and all data and results with be publicly available (as described above), including publishing articles exclusively on open access journals.