The Keto Trial Match Analysis Provides Groundbreaking Data on LDL Levels and Heart Disease

Our Principal Investigator, Dr. Matthew Budoff has now presented the matched analysis for: The KETO (#LMHRstudy) vs Control (#MiHeart) cohorts.

Watch full presentation along with follow up Q & A here:

METHODS – 80 Participants of #LMHRstudy fell within #MiHeart age range and were then matched 1:1 for age, gender, race, diabetes mellitus, hyperlipidemia, hypertension, and past smoking to asymptomatic subjects from the #MiHeart cohort.

PRIMARY ANALYSIS – High resolution heart scans (#CCTA) allowing for primary analysis of Total Plaque Score (TPS), Total Stenosis Score (TSS) and Segment Involvement Score (SIS)

RESULTS The matched mean age was 55.5 years, with mean #LDL cholesterol of 272 mg/dL (max LDL-C 591) mg/dl and mean 4.7 years duration on a ketogenic diet.

  • There was no significant difference in coronary plaque burden of #LMHRstudy (mean LDL-C 272) cohort as compared to #MiHeart controls (mean LDL 123 mg/dl); nb: pre-KETO LDL-C in KETO group was 122 mg/dl
  • There was no significant difference in CAC (median and IQR) [0 (0,56)] versus [1 (0, 49)], p = 0.520
  • No relationship of LDL-C elevations and plaque

This analysis is on baseline scans and the study is still ongoing for second CCTA completion in our cohort by February of 2024. As always, please continue to work with your doctor.