Preparing a New Initiative – The Triad Study

While the LMHR study continues to completion, we’ll be initiating this companion study to run in parallel. It will have much in common with the current LMHR Study save a few key differences:

  • Control group – We’ll be recruiting a control group for comparison.
  • More relaxed criteria – We will likely have a more permissive risk profile, such as allowing lower HDL cholesterol and higher triglycerides.
  • Possibly multicenter – This may be conducted across multiple research facilities over a number of major cities, which would make it a bit easier for scheduling and travel on participants.

The good news – operationally, this should be much, much easier the second time around

  • Our organization, the Citizen Science Foundation, is already built – a bona fide 501(c)(3) Public Charity – with a 0% admin overhead (save third party services like credit card fee %, hosting, etc)
  • We already have a relationship with The Lundquist Institute.
  • We’ve already had IRB approval with the LMHR Study – and this time around, we’ll have specific data on safety consideration for a new approval.
  • We already have contact information in the hundreds for people who just barely didn’t meet the eligibility of our LMHR study – but who may meet these more relaxed criteria.

However, financially, this will necessarily cost more if we’re including a control group

  • Given all our meetings in the last several months, we place the ballpark cost per visit at $1,500 – for a total of two visits, thus $3,000 per participant.
  • I’m hoping our minimum raised will give us enough for 40 in each group, which would be around 80 x $3,000 = $240,000.
  • But… while that might be closer to our minimum, I’d love if we could actually reach 100 in each group as a stretch goal.

Thankfully, we have $100,000 in matched donations to kick us off

An anonymous donor has come forward to match up to $100,000 of donations coming in for this project. So everyone who contributes to this study endeavor will be matched, dollar for dollar, until we reach that goal.

Consider contributing below, and remember the CSF is a Public Charity, so your donation is tax deductible. As always, thank you for your support!