Concerned for High LDL Cholesterol on Low Carb?… Fund this Study!

One of our investigators, Spencer Nadolsky put out this tweet poll recently:

Clearly this a very controversial question that we’re looking to get answers to. As explained in our video outline for the study*, there is a phenotype in the low carb community that has extremely high LDL-C, yet often has all other cardiovascular risk markers at optimal levels.

(*Important correction to the video, we found we need a one year followup to see effect, not five)

Like Dr. Nadolsky, many believe they may be at severe risk given high LDL alone. And indeed, there’s a lot of literature that associates high LDL-C with cardiovascular disease in those with familiar hypercholesterolemia. If these same individuals have a comparable level of LDL-C induced by diet – will it convey the same risk?

We aim to find out.

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