Concerned for High LDL Cholesterol on Low Carb?… Fund this Study!

One of our investigators, Spencer Nadolsky put out this tweet poll recently:

Clearly this a very controversial question that we’re looking to get answers to. As explained in our video outline for the study*, there is a phenotype in the low carb community that has extremely high LDL-C, yet often has all other cardiovascular risk markers at optimal levels.

(*Important correction to the video, we found we need a one year followup to see effect, not five)

Like Dr. Nadolsky, many believe they may be at severe risk given high LDL alone. And indeed, there’s a lot of literature that associates high LDL-C with cardiovascular disease in those with familiar hypercholesterolemia. If these same individuals have a comparable level of LDL-C induced by diet – will it convey the same risk?

We aim to find out.

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Nutrition Debate for Charity – with Tro Kalayjian and Layne Norton

We’re pleased to announce a debate for charity between Dr. Tro Kalayjian (“Dr. Tro”) and Layne Norton, PhD (“Biolayne”). They will be discussing current nutrition controversies:

  • Is sugar harmful?
  • Can restrictive diets cause eating disorders?
  • Do diets such as low carb and low fat generally work the same way?

The debate will be recorded on Friday, September 25th and will be moderated by Dave Feldman

Once completed, it will be co-broadcasted by both participants

Direct links to each of these will be updated to this blog post once available.

Choose Your Charity

There are three charities we are fundraising for. Choose one below and click the direct link to donate and show your support.

Autism Speaks – Click “Donate” on the landing page

Citizen Science Foundation – this donation link is for our LMHR study campaign

Society of Metabolic Health Professionals – For more details on SMHP, click here

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