Progress Through the Pandemic

The pandemic brought on by COVID-19 has had a substantially impact on all our lives in many ways. Like so many others, we’ve been adapting to a new normal that includes substantially more uncertainty. These are indeed challenging days.

With that said, it’s time again to press forward.

Tommy Wood, Spencer Nadolsky, and myself have had a series of meetings in preparation for the next steps of the LMHR study with IRB submission. We are also coordinating with potential locations for our testing. Yes, the current crisis may further offset scheduling and/or create other unanticipated hurdles, but we are very committed to getting this study executed.

And for what it is worth, we’re very close now to our funding goal. As of this writing, we have raised $82,185 and thus need a little less than $17,815 to “close the gap” to reach $100,000. At that point we have an anonymous donor who has committed to matching that full amount to bring us to $200,000 total.

As per my message before, I know these are difficult times and I fully expect everyone to take care of themselves and their family’s needs throughout this pandemic. In other words, don’t give what you can’t give easily.

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