Updates – Over $40,000 Reached, New Logo, and 10k Race this Sunday

We’ve now cross the 40k benchmark and currently stand at $40,241.86 (counting the Anonymous Donor matching funds of $13,582).

Mega thanks to everyone who has contributed!

New Logo

We have a new logo generously provided by Michael Rowley. I’m a very big fan of his style and look forward to working with him on many other projects moving forward.

See more of his work at vizcab.com.

10K Race this Sunday

As mentioned earlier, I’ll be doing a 10k race to help raise money. Since announcing for it, we’ve raised $3,710. That means I’m on track to either be wearing one of the two costumes I mention in the previous post.

Please continue to contribute and share to help us make the LMHR Project a reality.

Thank you!

Now at 62% Funded – Keep Sharing and Helping to Get the Word Out

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I’m excited to share that at the moment of this writing we have raised $22,010. And with $8,932 of that raised in November, it will be matched to give us a total of $30,942!

We are officially 62% of the way there.

With the existing November funds matched (up to a total of $25,000), we only need $9,529 to get to the $50,000 benchmark.

Please continue to share and help get the word out — especially while we have our contributions matched! Thank you all for your support!

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Donation Matching through the Tremendous Generosity of an Anonymous Donor

An anonymous donor has come forward and has offered to match all donations up to a total of $25,000 for this month (Nov’ 2019)!

That means every dollar you contribute will be worth two!

We might actually reach our goal of $50,000 before the month is out with your help. Please visit our LMHR Measurement Project page to contribute — and thanks again for your support.